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The underfloor wheelset lathes have been designed to reprofile wheelsets in situ without disassembly on all types of rolling stock. These lathes are up to date answer to the maintenance needs of the modern rolling stock. They are available as single machine to reprofile simultaneously 2 wheels of the same wheelset and also as Tandem version, for the simultaneous machining of 4 wheels of same bogie with evident improving of train availability for service.

The tandem lathes are composed by a common basement on which two single lathes are installed, one of fixed type and one of mobile type. In case of tandem lathes the depot can be equipped with a Remote control room, from where it is possible to operate both the lathes.

The vehicle is position over the underfloor lathe thru connecting fixed rails and two parts of Retractable rails. After the lifting of the wheelset, the retractable rails are retracted in order to have a free working area.

The driving of the wheelset is achieved with friction rollers which operate also the lifting and centering operations.

After the lifting operation the wheelset load is taken by Lifting jacks, which guarantee to keep the wheelset in position during the machining operations. In case of light rolling stock, the wheelset is kept in position by means of Radial reactions which are equipped with special adaptors. The lathe can be equipped with jib cranes and Storages for the claws moving and storing. To guarantee the axial centering of the wheelset, the lathes are equipped with the Axial reactions.

After the lifting and centering operations it is possible to start with the measuring operations thanks to special Measuring systems which are recovered in the lathes.

Only upon the measuring operations the numerical control of the lathe can process the data and generate the machining program and the phase of Wheels turning and if necessary the Disc brake facing.

The lathes are also equipped with an Anti-slip system to avoid any sliding between the wheels and the driving rollers.

When machining bogies with mechanically coupled wheelset, it is necessary to have proper Lifting jacks for mechanically coupled wheelset.

These lathes are designed taking in consideration all the existing norms in terms of quality and Operator's protection.

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