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The HT lathes are the right answer in case of machining on medium dimensions. All the main parts of the machine are in cast iron, which assures the rigidity as well as the long life of the machine.

In this type of machine the bed is unique and in the HT6 and HT12 models it has three guides with a split central guide to allow the passage of the carriage on the side of the tailstock and any steady rests. In the HT22 model, the bed has four guides.

The HT lathe can support up to 22 tons between centres and they can machine work piece with up to 2.000 mm diameter and any length longer than 3 metres.

HT lathes can be equipped with different turning units according to specific needs, such as the 4-position square turret, the disc turret up to 12 positions with driven tools. They are also designed for the application of a vertical "Y" axis. They can also be equipped with work units to perform drilling, grinding, milling and boring operations.

The lathes can be equipped with one or more steady rests, available in different models and clamping ranges.

Several Accessories, like work pieces probes, tool probes are available on demand. For the HT6 and HT12 models, the complete casing of the machine is available as an option.

Models HT Series