Starting from the design and following the entire production process, we pay particular attention to the quality of each single phase to ensure the supply of innovative products, high quality and answer to the requests.
Our commitment is also oriented to the phase of delivery and technical assistance in order to create lasting and reliable relationships with the Customer.

In this sense, SAFOP has organized itself in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 adopting a Quality Management System and with UNI EN ISO 14001 adopting a Environmental Management System (issued by the international agency Det Norske Veritas).





SAFOP produces medium and large machine tools. The high know-how, the Customer orientation, the great competence in providing solutions, better performances and greater reliability over the years, has allowed the affirmation of SAFOP as a world leader among the manufacturers of large machine tools, special machines and machines for the railway sector in compliance with international environmental and safety regulations.

To achieve and maintain the set objectives, SAFOP has organized itself in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI EN ISO 45001 standards, adopting the management system for quality (QMS), for environment (EMS) and for occupational health and safety (OSH).

According to corporate principles and values, this policy defines the general objectives of SAFOP to active the Management Integrated System.


The customer expects from SAFOP a product of high quality, technology and level of service, in terms of technical assistance and delivery, in compliance with the mandatory requirements of the applicable standards and laws, as well as compliance obligations, relating to quality, safety and the environment.


  • • Aim at Customer satisfaction, ensuring that the realized product meets expectations and complies with applicable standards (regarding safety, health to workers and environment protection).
  • • Aim for market leadership, providing a quality product and service, the result of constant attention to the needs of the customer and relevant stakeholders (technical, economic, environment).
  • • Pursue the continuous improvement of processes in terms of effectiveness, to increase environmental performance and working conditions, through periodic monitoring of workplaces, assessment of the environmental impacts connected to company processes.
  • • Motivate and involve employees, so that they are aware of the importance of the activities carried out and how they contribute to achieving the organization's targets.
  • • Ensure the availability of resources, information and knowledge necessary for the functioning of the processes in a work environment suitable for the purpose, guaranteeing a suitable, safe and ergonomic workplace for carrying out the activities.
  • • Identify the needs for technological and process innovation, to improve existing products, services and environmental impacts, to develop them according to market expectations for the functioning of the processes in a suitable working environment.
  • • Ensure information on environmental aspects and impacts, on the protection of personal health and disseminated to all workers with updating and training of the same.
  • • Promote the growing involvement of staff, to increase their motivation and awareness of the importance of the role played, in compliance with company procedures and instructions and in compliance with the directives on health, safety at work and the environment.
  • • Promote initiatives for the consultation and participation of workers through the workers' safety representatives.
  • • Optimize energy and raw materials consumption, through research and development of increasingly advanced technological processes and the use of renewable energy, recyclable and / or reusable materials.





In agreement with the Russian Certification Authority in Europe SERCONS INTERNATIONAL, we have the necessary requirements to be certified according to the EAC regulations.